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Before beginning, let us assess your goals to optimize the plan according to your design, your needs and budget. Email or fax your floor plan or blueprint. Panel assembly is simple enough for the do-it-yourself homeowner, or hire our recommended and experienced crews. The owner of Backside of NoWhere, LLC is always on the job site when the panel delivery arrives, and wherever you are we can be also. Our Oklahoma based company, also works in Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.  It is never too soon to start planning!  Call today to get your project underway.  

Construction Process

Backside of NoWhere, LLC helps planning your home an easier process.  Building with SIPs makes the preplanning stages even friendlier. 


The following preliminary information will allow us to provide a complimentary budgetary quotation:

  • Outside perimeter dimensions or approximate square footage

  • Roof pitch

  • Foundation type (slab, foundation stem wall or basement; or pre-treat runners for recreational use)

Once a design is confirmed, price is accepted, and you placed a deposit, the panel manufacturer will generate drawings for final validation.  


Upon receipt of the approved drawing the order will be scheduled for production and delivery*.


*Balance of the order is due at delivery.  

Blueprint Design

Nail Base or Retrofit Panels

For upgrading, remodeling or repairing older or damaged structures, nailbase panels are an easy way to provide continuous insulation.  These panels are single sided OSB with the standard EPS foam core.  The thickness can be customized to fit the specific project. The nailbase is attached over an existing wall or roof, then covered with appropriate membrane or wrap. The exterior finish is then attached directly to the OSB face. Good news! The interior of the structure is undisturbed.

Specialty and Custom Designs

Bring us your sketch on a napkin and we will turn it into blue prints. We work with your design and needs to create your custom designs for: 

  • Residences

  • Commercial Construction

  • Building Additions

  • Kits for building your own

Bring us your current designs and we will review and adjust them to fit your needs. We can also engineer and certify your blue prints for any permitting purposes you have for any state within the continents of the US. 

We specialize in Timber Frame design.


Assembly Services

Hire our experienced crews to construct your residential, commercial or building addition project. 

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first beam web.png
2nd beam being set web.png
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